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About Us

NORTH POWER COMPANY Ltd. (NPC) is a professional engineering company based in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. NPC is providing expert Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services in different disciplines of industry, with a special focus on projects related to power and energy industries. Also, NPC can act as a lead and sub-contractor for projects.

NPC offers solar technology with design, selling and delivery of products. Based on clients’ special requirements, NPC is also the expert in merging solar energy generation system design, installation and integration into one package. Using advantages in supply and demand relied on experienced, integrated, high-quality and low cost ability, NPC provide clients with more professional, more stable and more valuable products and services.

We are pleased to announce that North Power Company for General Contracting (NPC) has established close cooperation with two reputable and leading Chinese companies in solar energy business. Outcome of this cooperation is:

1. Providing the best quality and long life of equipment (25 years life time for solar panels, 8 years for storage batteries, 10 years for vacuum tubes, water tank and steel supports of solar water heatings).

2. Providing warranty period of 1.5 year for all equipment and extended warranty period of 5 years for vacuum tubes, water tank and steel supports of solar water heaters.

3. Providing complete production programs based on solar panels, which include different type of photovoltaic systems (off-grid, on-grid and hybrid systems, AC & DC solar water pump systems), solar street and garden lighting, portable solar systems and all other products based on solar panels).

4. Providing complete production program based on solar collectors, which includes different type of water heating systems, solar vaccum tubes, flat pannel solar collectors, non-pressurized and pressurized water heaters, preheated intergrative solar water heaters, AIR heat pumps and all other associated products based on solar collectors. North Power’s excellent pre and after sales support provides optimal combination of comfort, energy efficiency and protection of the environment for its customers.

NPC is exclusive Agent of a/m companies for the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. Cooperation is based on suitable Agency Agreements.

These selected partner companies are:
1. Solarland Co. Ltd specialized for manufacturing solar photovolatic systems and associated equipment. Cooperation with this partner is established through Wuxi Taichang Electronic Co. Ltd., authorized Export Agent of Solarland Co.
2. Huyang Solar Energy Co. Ltd., specialized for manufcaturing solar water heating systems.

Our Mission

⮚ To provide high efficient clean Energy and services.
⮚ To continue to improve the living environment by reliable power supply from conventional and renewable power sources.

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