Solarland (Wuxi) Electric and Science Technology Co., Ltd is a world-leading manufacturer of photo-voltaic products. The corporate group had been established in 2003, with the Solarland head quarter located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China as one of the best location and vicinity of major transport junction.  In addition, Solarland put in operation the latest factory in 2015, with fully automatized solar module production line, with automatic electrical and insulation tester. By this new production line, Solarland has focused on massive on-grid production and increased annual production capacity of the solar panels from 200MW to 800MW. Also, it has employed the industry cutting edge manufacturing equipment and integrated with solar cells and battery modules tester from world-leading brand as PASAN in Swiss. In order to achieve precise operation and maintenance, Solarland solar power station is equipped with smart patrol mode, which enables the owners to stabilize the incomes and keep the human maintenance to a minimum.Except production of all types solar photovoltaic panels, Solarland´s production program covers complete stable off-grid, on-grid system ranging from 1kW to MW size, solar pumps, LED, solar street lights, portable off-grid systems and other products and accessories based on solar energy to meet basic idea “From Sun to Socket – Bringing Green Power to Life”,


Jiangsu Huayang Solar Energy Co. Ltd (Huayang Solar) is one of the leading manufacturers of the all types of solar water heating systems and associated products in China and region, based on own research and development. Huayang water heating systems are applicable to individual residential houses as well as to schools, health facilities and other public and private sector business buildings, Huayang Solar is founded in 1991 and very quickly reached world class manufacturing capacity. Huayang excellent pre and after sales support provides optimal combination of comfort, energy efficiency and protection of the environment for its customers. Huayang exports its products to Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, Spain, Italy and other countries.

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